This 16-inch MacBook Pro Leak Curbs All of My Enthusiasm

(Image credit: Future)

The 16-inch MacBook Pro that's been heavily rumored for months seemed like a system I wanted to buy. A change from Apple's less than thrilling updates, with at least a new keyboard. This latest leak pours cold water on my hope.

A leaked closeup of the 16-inch MacBook Pro — which is visually differentiated by a space between its Touch ID sensor that doubles as a power button — suggests that this new MacBook Pro is the same old stuff. The keys look exactly like the shallow butterfly-style switch-based keys we're sick of seeing and, yeah, the Touch Bar is still there, taking up space.

This image comes from a 9to5Mac story posted by Guilherme Rambo, a reliable Apple scooper, who notes this image comes from "an image found in the release version of macOS 10.15.1."

Credit: 9to5Mac

Credit: 9to5Mac (Image credit: 9to5Mac)

The fact that this image looks like it's from a 15-inch MacBook Pro (note the speaker grille on the right looks exactly like that of the existing model) doesn't make it less legitimate. We've heard the 16-inch panel will fit in the 15-inch chassis, and that Apple is simply shaving its bezels to make it fit. 

Rambo also notes that the leaked image"confirms earlier reports that also mentioned the new machine having a real escape key instead of the software one," though we can't see how from this angle.