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Goodbye, PS4 — Sony discontinuing PlayStation 4 consoles as PS5 takes center stage

Sony PS4
(Image credit: Sony)

Taps are starting to play for the outgoing Sony PS4 as Sony ramps up production on the much sought-after PS5 and other related hardware. In a report by VGC, many Japanese retailers are letting customers know that they will no longer be restocking the PS4 500GB Glacier White, PS4 1TB Jet Black, PS4 1TB Glacier White, PS4 2TB Jet Black, and PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White console editions stating it is "due to the manufacturer ending production."

This follows a now-deleted message from Sony on the Direct Store PS4 Pro page where the company stated "there are currently no plans to restock this item in the future.” Due to the well-known PS5 shortages, it makes sense that Sony would focus on ramping up production on the latest PlayStation.

Sony is smartly shifting manufacturing to the PS5 and all related products so it can catch up and meet demand. Thanks to reports from PS5 stock trackers, a large shipment of PS5 consoles is supposed to reach retailers in the early weeks of January. 

As for the Gladiator of gaming that the PS4 console has been for many of us, we who are about to buy (a new PS5) salute you!