Surface Laptop Go 3 rumors: Pricing, specs, and more

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
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Microsoft’s Surface event is closing in, debuting on Sep. 21, and it’s then we’ll likely get an update to the Surface Laptop Go 3.

Apparently, the laptop’s codename is Gulliver. However, there’s nothing official out in the world just yet, so take all of the following information with some salt, pepper, and spice.

Here’s everything we know about the Surface Laptop Go 3.

Surface Laptop Go 3 release date

We don’t have a release date just yet, but if the Surface Laptop Go 3 is truly being unveiled on Sep. 21, its release will likely follow shortly after.

Historically, Surface machines launch in the following months, either October or November. Pre-orders might even start during the event, but don’t hold your breath.

Surface Laptop Go 3 pricing

It’s anticipated that the Surface Laptop Go 3 will increase its base specs from its predecessor (we’ll get into that later), thus resulting in an increased starting price.

Surface Laptop Go

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The Surface Laptop Go 2 started at $599, so it’s probably going to jump to $699 or more. But get with the times, Microsoft. That base version isn’t even in stock anymore on the company’s website. The Surface Laptop Go 3 should start at the same price as its predecessor (yes, even with the better specs).

Surface Laptop Go 3 design and display

The Surface Laptop Go 3 is expected to have similar dimensions and weight to its predecessor (11 x 8.1 x 0.62-inches, 2.5 pounds), that’s including the ports, keyboard, and touchpad, which is fine for those that enjoyed the previous model.

Surface Laptop Go

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Unfortunately, the 12.4-inch touchscreen display is also reported to be the same as its predecessors. Companies like Apple and Samsung are doing exciting things with new display technology, so it’s a bit disappointing that we’re getting the same old thing with Microsoft’s flagship mobile product.

Surface Laptop Go 3 specs and features

According to Windows Central, the Surface Laptop Go 3 will be outfitted with an Intel 12th-Gen Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage.

Surface Laptop Go

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That’s kinda weird. Why do we have last year’s chip in a new product? It’s bad enough that 13th Gen will be outpaced by 14th Gen sometime early next year. That means the Surface Laptop Go 3 will be two years out of date just a few months after launch.

At the very least, we’re cutting out the base 4GB and 128GB model that makes any laptop practically unusable to anyone but a websurfer. I just hope that the price also doesn't skyrocket.

Apparently, the Surface Laptop Go 3 will have slightly longer battery life. Anything is better than the original Surface Laptop Go, which lasted only 7 hours and 42 minutes on a charge during our battery test.

AI might make more of a presence in the Surface Laptop Go 3, enhancing the microphone quality with Voice Clarity and Voice Focus.


Everything I’ve read about the Surface Laptop Go 3 is not very exciting. The laptop sounds like it’s meant to be a simple refresh, which is kind of a joke if it ends up with a 12th Gen processor. 

Microsoft has done refreshes like this before, but it continues to feel like the company is rolling over on its stomach and giving in to Apple and other big laptop companies. Windows is the biggest operating system around, so why isn’t Microsoft taking advantage of that to provide a more personalized experience on its laptops?

We’ll see what happens when the Surface Laptop Go 3 is unveiled, but my hopes aren’t high for its showing. Stay tuned for the announcements as well as our full review and benchmarks of the product when the time comes.

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