Star Wars: Squadrons revealed: Watch the intense cinematic trailer

Star Wars: Squadrons
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

We've known since last year that EA Motive would be working on a "very unique Star Wars experience," but we had no clue it would be this different. While we don't have a gameplay trailer yet for Star Wars: Squadrons, we were graced by a gorgeous looking cinematic trailer. As of now, we understand that it's intended to be a focused multiplayer experience, but a solo campaign is also available

Additionally, it's only $39.99, which likely means it won't be as full of a game as some of EA's more recent titles.

If you want to see the full gameplay trailer, tune into EA Play Live on June 18 at 4pm PT or 7pm ET.

From the game's Steam page, we can already discern a few things about it before the official in-game reveal. Most notably, the game will feature 5 v 5 dogfights with other players, and there will be something called "fleet battles."

I also noticed that pre-ordering the game unlocks six different types of cosmetics, and each cosmetic has a rarity classification in parenthesis next to them. For example, one cosmetic is shown as "New Republic Recruit Flight Suit (Epic)" while another is "New Republic Recruit Starfighter Skins (Rare)." 

This likely means we can expect a system similar to Overwatch, where playing matches will cause you to naturally gain new cosmetics and the ability to purchase them will exist as a side option. Within the Steam page, it also promises you'll be unlocking "weapons, hulls, engines, and shields" in addition to cosmetic items.

Furthermore, virtual reality compatibility is an option, and it's seemingly available to play the "entirety of the game" in it.

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