Sony's PS5 plans involve acquisition of eSports platform acquisition Sony
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PlayStation acquired, an eSports organization that revolves around the user. Its systems help players keep up with tournaments that are happening, track their performance in games and participate in a competition when desired. This news comes from, which goes further into PlayStation's motives for pushing its eSports support during the PS5's lifespan.

Aaron Fletcher,'s CEO, clarifies that the platform makes these tournaments "easy to enter." Professional eSports teams, on the other hand, are often a mess to coordinate with and require far more dedication to join, but this system can be scaled up to millions of players and a lot easier to jump in and out of according to your schedule.

Once the acquisition goes through, has no plans to shift focus from other platforms. Even though the company will be owned by PlayStation, it will continue to feature games on "mobile, PC and other consoles." The article isn't super clear on what those "other consoles" are, but hopefully Sony's competitors won't be abandoned completely.

PlayStation is clearly investing deep into eSports, and in general, live service games. We know Bungie is working with Sony to assist the company in its live service development, making it seem like the PS5 will be far more of an online-focused platform than its predecessor.

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