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Scam alert: Text offering a free year of Netflix collecting private information

Netflix macos
(Image credit: Netflix)

Get a text offering a free year of Netflix? The general rule of thumb on offers: if it sounds too good to be true, it's a shameless scam.

Reports of text messages offering a year-long subscription of Netflix have been increasing over the past few weeks, non-profit organisation the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has stated from its Scam Tracker.

The text messages use COVID-19 as its excuse to offer the subscription, which is a low blow seeing as many staying indoors are using streaming services such as Netflix a lot more often. Texts would read, "Due to the pandemic, Netflix is offering everyone a free year of service to help you stay at home. Click the link to sign up." 

The link will send victims to a website not run by Netflix, asking for private information to sign up. It steals private information, with some entering their bank details and having money stolen by being charged numerous times.

BBB has issued an alert due to the recent numerous reports from in Scam Tracker, where anyone can issue a report about a potential scam. Spot one? Head right over to the BBB site.

In terms of making sure if a deal is good true or not (tip: they usually are), it's recommended to check the web address of the linked website compared to originals. Check for the same address, and if it's still sketchy, be sure to contact the official address of the company.