Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 leak: Employees say it's so boring it "can't even be called Galaxy Z Fold4s"

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 leak
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to get its big reveal sometime this summer, with a launch date potentially in August if the previous iteration's timeline is consistent. But according to a new leak, it won't be a particularly exciting model.

Leaker UniverseIce on Twitter has claimed that the Galazy Z Fold5's design has caused employees to speak up against it, with a direct quote claiming "it can't even be called the Galaxy Z Fold4s." This is implying that the difference between the models is so minor that it'll be difficult to distinguish between them.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 could be a huge bore

UniverseIce has made other claims about the Galaxy Z Fold 5, particularly saying that when consumers see the Fold5 for the first time, they bet they will say "isn't this the Fold 4?" Of course, all leaks need to be taken with a grain of salt, and it's not entirely indicative of what might happen when the phone receives its likely reveal this summer.

UniverseIce also provided more detail, suggesting that the Galaxy Z Fold5 will use a water drop hinge, which shifts the shape of the hinge, allowing it to fold more closely together. This can also help reduce crease issues, but the leaker suggests it only makes the crease 15% less than that of the Fold4.

This leaker has decent reliability, but everything claimed here could turn out to not be true. Regardless, these smalls shifts in design could completely squander hype for the Galaxy Z Fold5.

Design is certainly important, but it isn't everything, We've seen Apple get away with launching the unexciting MacBook Air 15, yet its improvements in battery life and performance make it the best model to buy right now. If the Galaxy Z Fold5 similarly focuses on enhancing its insides rather than redefining its exterior, it could end up being a great new skew regardless of its lackluster design shifts.

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