Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 leak confirms a huge display upgrade we've all been waiting for

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
(Image credit: @IceUniverse)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is getting a huge display upgrade that could make it one of the first must-buy foldable smartphones!

According to Ice Universe and OnLeaks, tipsters with a solid track record on Samsung leaks, the cover display is going to be nearly double the size and rock a higher resolution of 720 x 748 pixels. This is a monumental change for smaller clam shell foldables like this.

Flipping the lid

According to leakers, you can look forward to a 3.4-inch display upfront this year with a 720 x 748-pixel resolution, which sounds roughly 100x more useful than the 1.9-inch 260 x 512 cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. While that was an upgrade to the postage stamp-sized cover display of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, it still felt like a glorified notification shade.

As you can see from the renders above, Samsung’s One UI could extend to making a customizable front display with various widgets and quick-access app icons. The functionality goes far beyond just seeing who is calling you.

But of course, the competition is heating up too. Leaks have already been pretty rife about this folder-shaped display on the front side of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and as you can see from Rael’s words, the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra’s panel certainly looks more enticing.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

(Image credit: @OnLeaks)


Up until this point, the Galaxy Flip line has been an interesting glimpse into the foldable future of the smartphone. But that tiny display up front has limited capabilities of the closed clamshell.

Now, with a far larger display, I can foresee more complex interactions than just seeing notifications — a bigger frame for taking selfies with the main camera, scrolling an entire Spotify playlist, and crafting responses to messages being just three I can think of.

What actual benefits this HD screen will bring are left to the imagination at the moment, until we go hands-on with the Flip 5. But color me excited at the possibilities more real estate on the lid will unlock

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