PS5 Slim: Price and release window outed by Microsoft court docs

PS5 Slim concept render
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The PS5 Slim could be arriving later this year if leaked court documents relating to Microsoft’s tug-of-war with the FTC are accurate. Microsoft, by hook or crook, seemingly has the skinny on the PS5 Slim, including a release window potential retail price. 

A casual outing

The leaked court documents cite Sony’s upcoming console in an effort to tackle the FTC overlooking Nintendo when measuring up the console market. Seemingly, the FTC focuses solely on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles due to their “high-performance consoles” — and is therefore making judgments based on only the top-tier offerings from Microsoft and Sony.

To counter the FTC’s judgment, Microsoft brings attention to the less “high-performance” Xbox Series S and its similar pricing to the Nintendo Switch, alongside the Blu-ray-less PS5 Digital Edition’s $399 price tag before casually dropping the news that “Sony is expected to release a PlayStation 5 Slim later this year at the same reduced price point.”

The PS5 Slim has been widely anticipated ever since the PS5’s release, with many hoping to see Slim and Pro options appear on store shelves within the same three-year window as the PlayStation 4’s Slim and Pro options. Seemingly, Microsoft has gone ahead and confirmed that at least one of those devices is likely heading our way, with a Playstation 5 Slim potentially making its way to stores this year for $399.


There are no solid details about what to expect when the PS5 Slim is eventually unveiled by Sony, but the information from the document would line up with previous rumors indicating a September 2023 release.

In terms of hardware, beyond a smaller frame and reduced weight, some rumors suggest it could include a detachable USB-C disc drive available within PS5 Slim bundles or sold separately.

If the PS5 Slim is making an appearance this year then we would expect it to follow the PS4 Slim’s announcement and release pattern. That means it’s likely that we would see an announcement sometime in September and a release shortly thereafter or within October.

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