PS5 pre-order leak suggests you have only 2 weeks to save up

(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 pre-order date has seemingly leaked, giving consumers time to prepare before the alleged September 9 sale. While the console is believed to be launching sometime in November, an official date still has not been revealed.

The pre-order date of September 9 was leaked by Twitter user IronManPS5, who is no stranger to leaking (or possibly just conjuring up) rumors regarding the PS5 (via Tom's Guide). The same user also suggested that the PlayStation 5 would be released on November 20, which could be believable considering it coincides with another recent leak.

PS5 pre-order date rumor

While you should take these leaks with a grain of salt, IronManPS5 could still be correct about PlayStation 5 pre-orders going live on September 9. If so, Sony might be preparing for another PS5 event rather soon, hopefully revealing both a release date and price.

The competition with Microsoft's Xbox Series X continues to wage as both consoles are being praised and admonished for certain decisions. Microsoft's consumer-friendliness has granted it quite a bit of goodwill within the gaming community, but a lack of launch titles furthered by a Halo Infinite delay has caused an up-stir.

On the other hand, the PS5 is shaping up to be a weaker console with a potentially higher price tag, but it has a far more exciting lineup of exclusives. Additionally, the company is being criticized for Spider-Man's character exclusivity within Marvel's Avengers and the DualShock 4 not working on PS5 games.

Sony and Microsoft are taking their sweet time to reveal both a release date and price for their respective consoles. However, a September 9 pre-order date is feasible considering Sony needs to open up pre-orders soon to get a solid gauge on PlayStation 5 demand.

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