PS5 leak answers remaining mysteries about the console

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It was a painfully slow ordeal but we now know almost every detail about the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, including their price and release date. With the major reveals out of the way, rumors will now focus on the specifics — the million and one things about the consoles that could impact your gaming experience. 

The newest leak, uncovered in a web page source code on the PlayStation website, reveals a few last-minute mysteries about the PS5. Surfaced on Reddit and the ResetEra forum (via BGR) are prompts and error messages PS5 owners can expect to see when attempting to play PS4 games. 

Before I get to the message, it's worth reiterating that PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said earlier this month that "99%" of PS4 games would be compatible with the PS5. If that's true at launch, then the below error messages are for the remaining 1% of games not supported on the next-gen consoles.

“[…] playing PS4 games on PS5, some functionalities available on PS4 may not be available. See for more details.”

“This PS4 game isn’t supported with your PS5’s current system software. We’re continuing to make more PS4 games playable on PS5. Update your PS5, and then try playing the game.”

It doesn't come as a surprise that these error messages could appear when you attempt to play a PS4 game on the PS5. The question now is how frequently gamers will hit this roadblock and if the "99%" of games will work at launch or as the console receives updates. Again, almost all PS4 games should run on the PS5. 

There are a few more interesting tidbits in the code, including a message suggesting developers can force haptic feedback/trigger controls in games. Console sharing will also return so those without a PS Now account can play PS Now games from a "main" account on the same console. 

There is also a suggestion of party chat across consoles (PS4 and PS5) although it's unclear if this works on the hardware or game level. Wishlists will return on the PS5 and parties could include up to 100 members with support for sharing content (videos, albums, artists and tracks). 

For more PS5 information revealed in the leaked code, visit Reddit and ResetEra.

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