PS5 lacks dedicated web browser and native 1440p output — Here's why

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The PS5 is poised to make its way into many households, barring any delays, as the next-gen console's launch day looms closer. After unboxing the PS5 and perusing through its UI, some may be disappointed to discover that it will lack a dedicated web browser.

Sony SVP Hideaki Nishino told AV Watch, a Japanese news platform, that the gaming giant has no intention of installing a browser on the PS5. Nishino has doubts about whether a dedicated browsing app is necessary for a gaming console (via The Verge).

Sony says a dedicated web browser isn't necessary on the PS5

The PS3 and PS4 have dedicated web browsing apps, but for the PS5, Sony decided that a web browser would be a superfluous addition to the next-gen console. The gaming giant may have a point — many say that web browsing apps on previous PlayStation consoles are slower and more awkward to use. As such, some would rather default to their phones or tablets for quick web browsing if they need to surf the internet while gaming.

Of course, there are gamers who will miss the web browsing functionality as some used the internet app to stream videos from websites, look up gameplay guides, and more. 

This is speculation, but aside from doubts about its value, Sony may have nixed the web browser due to exploitation concerns. Browsers require frequent updates to plug any security holes — a pain-in-the-ass process that Sony would be happy to avoid.

The PS5 lacks support for 1440p monitors

The PS5, unlike the Xbox Series X, does not output natively to 1440p monitors. Instead, the PS5 upscales from 1080p to 1440p.

In the same interview, Nishino said the PS5 is fully capable of supporting 1440p native output, but for the time being, Sony is focusing on optimizing the PS5 for TV. However, the gaming giant may consider adding 1440p support via a software update if market trends confirm high demand for it.

The 1440p resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) sits between 1080p and 4K — a sweet spot for many PC gamers who've invested in a 1440p monitor. It's more detailed than 1080p, but unlike 4K gaming, it won't heavily tax the GPU and it supports higher refresh rates. Some gamers were hoping they could hook up their PS5 to their 1440p monitors, but as mentioned, the next-gen console will only support 1440p upscaling.

Sony is also a big producer of 4K TVs — not 1440p monitors — so there's certainly an incentive for the gaming giant to encourage gamers to purchase a 4K TV to get the most out of their PS5 experience.

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