PS5 is at fault, not us! Samsung blames Sony for TV issue

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Many PS5 owners have been wanting to squeeze out all the next-gen gaming goodness out of their new consoles, including running compatible games on 4K HDR at a 120Hz refresh rate.

Some have purchased top-of-the-line Samsung TVs to achieve the pinnacle of gaming tech, but there have been some roadblocks. Gamers are forced to choose either HDR or 4K resolution at 120Hz. They cannot achieve all three simultaneously. However, Samsung says this isn't their problem, Forbes reported. Sony is the culprit.


Samsung says Sony plans to rectify the issue in March

On the Samsung EU community website, a moderator pointed to the PS5 console as the culprit, not Samsung TVs. The statement was posted in German, but here is a rough translation:

"The error was localized and Sony is expected to release an update in March to make 4K 120 Hz HDR possible. Please keep your Playstation 5 up to date with the latest software. The TV does not need a software update (but we recommend that you always keep the software up-to-date for reasons of stability and security). The TV doesn't have to be repaired either, so you don't need to contact support. Thank you for your patience and I hope you continue to enjoy gaming.”

PS5 owners with other brands of TVs have been able to achieve 4K-resolution, HDR gaming at a 120Hz refresh rate, so the console being the culprit was unexpected, but Forbes suspects that the Samsung and Sony incompatibility issue has something to do with the PS5's HDR delivery system.

Fortunately, the issue will be resolved by a PS5 firmware update in two months with no additional expense required.

This issue affects a small percentage of PS5 owners. Not many games currently run at 4K/120Hz with HDR and only Samsung TV owners are experiencing this problem.

Kimberly Gedeon

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