PS3, PSP and Vita stores are getting shut down — here's what users will lose

PSP and PS Vita
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PS3, PSP and Vita stores are getting shut down by the end of this summer. Sony confirmed that the PS3 and PSP stores will be permanently shuttered in early July and the Vita store will get ousted by the end of August.

Users of PlayStation's legacy systems will still be able to re-download and play previously purchased content, including videos and media. However, PS3, PSP and Vita users will no longer have the ability to buy new games nor make in-game purchases.

PS3, PSP and Vita stores get the boot

In addition to Sony's termination of new purchases, PS3, PSP and Vita users will also lose the ability to redeem PSN wallet fund vouchers (i.e. gift cards) on their legacy systems. But there is a silver lining: vouchers will remain in users' PSN accounts, so they can be used to purchase PS4 and PS5 content. If users do not own a PS4 nor a PS5, they can request a refund (Sony will flesh out refund details at a later date).


PSP and PS Vita (Image credit: Sony)

Sony says it's shuttering these services to focus on its current-generation products. "After thoughtful consideration, we decided to make these changes in an effort to focus our resources for PlayStation Store on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which will enable us to enhance the customer experience even further. We thank you for your support on these platforms throughout the years," the gaming giant said in an email.

As mentioned, PS3, PSP and Vita users will still be able to re-download and play previously purchased titles. Once the stores get shut down, users can access owned content via their console's Download List. Addtiontionally, PlayStation Plus users can also re-download and play previously claimed games as long as they remain subscribed to the service.

You can get more details on how users will be affected by the PS3, PSP and Vita store closures here.

PS3 and PSP stores will shut down on July 2. The Vita store will close on Aug. 27. This is the first time Sony has shut down online services for systems released after 2005, according to Dot Esports. The PSP launched in March 2005 with the PS3 following in its footsteps in November 2006. The Vita is the most recent of the three; it hit the market in December 2011.

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