OnePlus 11 Concept: What does the 'flagship killer' brand have in store for MWC 2023?

OnePlus 11 Concept phone to debut at MWC 2023 in Barcelona
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You would think after launching the new OnePlus 11, OnePlus Pro Buds 2, and officially announcing the OnePlus Pad, the folks at OnePlus would be too tired to launch anything else. The truth is, they've got one more device on the horizon, the OnePlus 11 Concept. While it was briefly mentioned at the recent February 7 global launch event I attended, OnePlus didn't want to overshadow its other new products.

As I stood there, taking in the OnePlus Pad and its 7:5 aspect ratio, magnetic keyboard, and announced stylus, wondering if it could break the seemingly endless Android tablet curse. They quickly said, "Oh yeah, We will announce a OnePlus 11 Concept at MWC 2023 in Barcelona." What? 

What could the OnePlus 11 Concept be?

The OnePlus 11 is a beautiful phone with powerful specs that can run with top-tier flagship phones like the Samsung S23 Ultra and still save you money. OnePlus cut a few well-chosen corners to keep the price below $800 for even the top-end model. However, what could the OnePlus 11 Concept phone bring, and what will it cost? 

Could we see a more powerful camera array? Will OnePlus bring back the pop-up selfie camera or wireless charging? We have no clue, they didn't allude to anything, and we're left to guess what will happen in Barcelona in just a few short weeks at MWC 2023. 

Will Oneplus bring back the color changing back from the OnePlus 8T or the mmWave radar that was supposed to let users control their devices using hand gestures? While it strayed a bit over the last couple of years, OnePlus built its reputation by being different, focusing on the end user having the best experience possible without selling an organ on the black market. 

We know there will not be a OnePlus 11 Pro or 11T,  which we're all happy about. Still, the idea of a concept phone creates endless possibilities that we will have to wait a few more weeks to find out about during MWC, which runs from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, Spain. 

Whatever OnePlus has in store, rest assured we will keep you informed of everything there is to know about the OnePlus 11 Concept.

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