No Man's Sky Origins update makes me want to jump back in — Here is why

No Man's Sky Origins update makes me want to jump back in: What you get
(Image credit: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky Origins brings the game into its 3.0 stage where the team has created a stranger, richer and more varied universe for players to explore by expanding nearly every visual element.

Hello Games detailed all of the cool updates in its blog, which we will break down below just for you.

No Man's Sky Origins update detailed

This new update will birth planets in new and old star systems, some now introducing binary and ternary stars. The structure of the terrain has been completely reimagined to be more dramatic by increasing the scale of the worlds.

On the surface of the planets, you'll find never-before-seen flora and strange new combinations that comprise a more diverse world. There is also new alien fauna, which can be harvested for edible produce. You'll even find giant sandworms tunneling through the planet.

Just above the surface, there is more variety in clouds and weather, as Hello Games has upped the overcast quality. There's also a new biome called marshes, which is thick with mist and fungal growths. 

Apparently, Hello Games has also increased the color variety, which is interesting because this game already looks like a wild trip.  You'll also see in the world more historical stories, planetary infestations of anomalous lifeforms and vegetative growths, anomalous buildings, volcanoes, firestorms, storms, meteors, gravitational anomalies, tornadoes, lightning, planetary NPC encounters, insect life, wild robots and colossal archive buildings.

Additionally, the user interface has been refreshed with new colors and the teleporters have been improved to offer clearer information. Photo Mode has also been completely revamped.

This update is definitely one of the most ambitious so far. By enhancing the world design, Hello Games has breathed new life into No Man's Sky and I can't wait to dive right in.

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