No Man's Sky is now a settlement simulator with Frontiers update

No Man's Sky Frontiers
(Image credit: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky has released its 17th free update, introducing Frontiers, which lets you explore settlements, construct your own, oversee them as they thrive and defend them when they're attacked.

From naming your town and building it from the ground up to holding festivals and resolving civil disputes, here's everything that's included in the Frontiers update of No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky Frontiers update: Everything included

All of these details can be found in the Hello Games blog, but to break it down for you, you can find planetary settlements (or create your own) and live out your settlement sim dream by helping people there and defending the town. 

There are now multi-colored nebulas in the sky, The base building menu has been completely overhauled, there's hundreds of new parts and the building interface has been streamlined. There are a total of 15 save slots now, jumping from the original 5, and there are more saved discoveries. The destruction effects, multi-tool effects, and environmental effects have been updated.

There are also important decision making dialogues, which influence the population, happiness and productivity of the citizens. Now you also get monstrous companions by earning a fertile monstrosity egg via the Cartographers expedition.

Update 3.6, FRONTIERS is available right now, so there's no better time to jump back into No Man's Sky than right now.

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