New Witcher trilogy and Cyberpunk 2077 sequel revealed in CD Projekt Red product roadmap

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
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CD Projekt Red has revealed its future product lineup, including announcements for a new Witcher trilogy, a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, a new IP codenamed Hadar, and a Witcher spin-off. We already knew some of these things were in the works for a little while, but this confirms a few intriguing details. 

The first entry in the new Witcher trilogy is codenamed Project Polaris and is "built on the legacy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." Of course, it'll be an open-world RPG and is currently in the pre-production stages with the CD Projekt Red team.

CD Projekt Red also claims that all three games are "aimed to be delivered within a 6-year period following the Polaris release." This is a pretty steep promise, especially since the original Witcher trilogy launched within an 8-year period after the original's launch, and games weren't as difficult to make as they are now.

Cyberpunk 2077 is receiving a sequel currently titled Project Orion. We don't know much about it, but it is being developed by the CD Projekt Red team and is planned to "prove the full power and potential of the Cyberpunk universe." Considering the disappointment people felt after playing Cyberpunk 2077, hopefully, CD Projekt Red can redeem some people's faith in the IP.

Project Canis Majoris was also revealed, which is a spin-off in the Witcher universe presenting itself as a "story-driven, single player open-world RPG." It'll be developed by a third-party studio led by "ex-Witcher veterans," so we're not sure what to expect here.

CD Projekt Red is also beginning to think about its next IP titled Project Hadar, which will be standalone and developed 100% internally. It's still in the conceptual phase, so we won't hear about it for a long time.

CD Projekt Red also revealed Project Sirius, an unorthodox addition to this list of games. It won't be a traditional entry in the Witcher universe and is currently in development by The Molasses Flood, the team that launched Drake Hollow a couple of years back. It's being deemed an "innovative take on The Witcher universe."

We already knew about Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, which is a major story-driven expansion set to launch sometime in 2023. The full team seems focused on that project at the moment, so we probably won't see these other projects in full development until that's out.

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