Netflix password-sharing ban is here — 3 ways you'll be kicked off your host's account

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Netflix wasn't kidding about this password-sharing crackdown stuff — and it's showing its serious side with a new blog post about the ban. On Tuesday, the streaming giant announced that it's in the process of rolling out emails to U.S. users who have been sharing Netflix with folks outside of their household.

"A Netflix account is for use by one household," the streaming giant said. In other words, you — and everyone else living in your house — can have access to your account, even if you're all are on vacation or commuting. However, people who don't live with you are not allowed to access your account.

That being said, if you happen to be sharing your Netflix account with users outside of your account, here are three ways the streaming giant wants you to kick them out.

1. Pay an extra $8 for outsiders

Netflix doesn't mind that you want to you want to give outsiders access to your account — it just wants you to pay for it. Adding extra members to your account will set you back $8 more.

Netflix password crackdown

Netflix password crackdown (Image credit: Future)

Keep in mind, however, that the extra-member tier is currently unavailable for users who are billed through one of Netflix's partners. You can do this by clicking on your avatar and clicking on Account before navigating to Buy an extra member slot.

2. Kick them off with the 'Transfer Profile' feature

If outsiders on your account fear that they'll lose access to their watch history, bookmarked shows, and other perks, they needn't worry. With the new Transfer Profile perk, outsiders can, like the name suggests, transfer their profile to a new paid membership. No more freebies!

Netflix crackdown

Netflix crackdown (Image credit: Future)

You can do this by clicking on the down arrow next to your avatar before clicking on Transfer Profile. Next, click on Allow.

3. Sign out unwanted devices

Finally, as the primary holder of the account, you can kick out any devices you don't want on your account.

Netflix password crackdown

Netflix password crackdown (Image credit: Future)

You can do this by clicking on your avatar on the upper-right corner. Next, click on Account followed by Manage access and devices. Netflix also recommends changing your password.

Last week, a leak revealed that Netflix is expecting a wave of membership cancellations in response to its password-sharing ban. Surprisingly, however, it's not too concerned. According to the trend data, when Netflix launched its crackdown in other regions, it noticed a pattern: current users began purchasing the extra membership subscriptions, which offset the loss from cancellations.

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