Microsoft's scrapped Surface Duo emerges — a mid-range phone with a dual-camera array

Leaked image of mid-range Microsoft Surface Duo (Cronos)
(Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is expected to have had plans to ship a low-cost version of its Surface Duo 2, as an eBay listing showed images of the now-canceled foldable.

According to sources speaking to sister-site Windows Central, a "lite" addition to Microsoft's phone lineup was expected to launch later this year, offering users a mid-range option with a dual-camera array and plastic exterior. Images of the device popped up on a now-deleted eBay listing, titled as a "dev unit" of the Surface Duo 2. 

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Dev Unit eBay Listing  (Image credit: Windows Central)

While the images offer a look at the device, including a camera bump and a matte finish, the report states the listing didn't offer any details on its specs. If anything, it looks very similar to the Surface Duo 2. However, it's tipped to have a fully plastic exterior and no Glance Bar. 

Leaked image of mid-range Microsoft Surface Duo (Cronos) (Image credit: Windows Central)

Sources state that the mid-range model was dubbed "Cronos," and was canceled in late 2021 to focus on the next Surface Duo device, which is expected to launch sometime in late 2023. The report confirms that the listing and device is real, and also offers details on its specs.

Apparently, the "Cronos" Surface Duo was set to have an upper mid-range Qualcomm SoC, non-curved displays without the Glance Bar, and a dual-camera array. This is all a step down compared the Surface Duo 2, presumably to keep the cost down. 

Leaked image of mid-range Microsoft Surface Duo (Cronos) (Image credit: Windows Central)

Since the product has been scrapped, we may not see another Surface Duo device for a while. In our Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review, we stated the foldable proves that Microsoft can make a decent foldable after its failed predecessor. However, there’s still room for improvement. A mid-range version likely wouldn't have helped its case.

The report also notes that Microsoft is working on bringing Android 12L to existing Surface Duo products, which is expected to roll out over the next few months. While we may never see a low-cost Surface Duo, it's clear Microsoft is thinking about bringing different models to its foldable lineup.

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