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Microsoft Teams update addresses this frustrating issue

Microsoft Teams
(Image credit: Microsoft)

According to Microsoft's product roadmap, Microsoft Teams is now working on allowing users to respond to specific messages while using the app. In response to a query, Microsoft stated that "the original message will be quoted in the reply text box, helping everyone in the chat to more easily understand the message’s context."

The new feature will be applicable with one-on-one conversations, groups, and in-meeting text chats and should become available by the end of next month. Which, having been a long-standing issue, is something to look forward to. 

This new feature for Microsoft Teams is old hat for other collaboration tools like Slack, which has given users the ability to create message threads for a while. Microsoft will now level up its Teams application by joining the rank and file by adopting this feature. 

Microsoft is also expanding its Teams emoji library, giving users more than 800 emojis to use and express themselves. Microsoft stated, " The expanded emoji update offers people more fun and expressiveness in Teams, it also introduces a wider range of diversity and representation," and closed by mentioning the new features and emojis should come online by the end of April 2021. 

As many of us continue to rely on Teams and other video conferencing software, it's good to see the technology continue to evolve. As the closest thing to face-to-face interaction, it's important that users have as many tools as possible to interact efficiently.