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Microsoft Teams is bringing this awesome desktop feature to mobile

Microsoft Teams Mobile update
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams is adding a handy new feature to its mobile application that may make things easier for on-the-go users. In a recent post to the Microsoft 360 Roadmap, the company revealed that the Teams mobile application for Android and iOS can now read charts and posts out loud on your devices. This comes just days after Microsoft made Teams available to the public for free

The new reader function had previously only been available on the web and desktop versions. Now it's moving to the mobile app as Microsoft steps up its game in the ever-expanding battle of the video conferencing apps it has engaged in with Zoom and Google Meet. 

The new reader function will come to the Teams app in June to iOS and Android devices. Microsoft states in the 360 Roadmap entry that it has, "proven customization techniques to support reading across ages and abilities." The added functionality only applies to content viewed within the Microsoft Teams app. It possibly will allow users to focus on specific messages and chats like the desktop and web version allow you to do. 

Microsoft is attempting to personalize its Teams application for users further and is hoping to push users into using it for more than just business.  The company hopes to make it the go-to video conferencing and calling app to bring people closer to friends and families the world over. 

Another new feature being added to Teams in the new update is called Together Mode, which will offer a different viewing perspective than normal calls. Also, the ability to react with emojis and gifs is being added to the application as well.