Microsoft Edge update adds new online shopping feature — how to get it

Microsoft Edge update
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Microsoft added a new useful feature to its Edge browser that will benefit online shoppers, especially bargain hunters who frequent Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and other popular big-box retailers.

The Redmond-based tech giant rolled out Edge version 91 on Thursday, and the new update comes with a price history tracker that helps fastidious shoppers make informed decisions by observing trends (via DigitalTrends).

Microsoft Edge introduces new price history feature

The new Edge browser will feature a new price tag icon in the address bar when you visit the following select retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Macy's, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Target, Best Buy and Wayfair.

If you click on the icon while you're perusing through a product page, a graph of its price history will pop up. This will allow online shoppers to ascertain whether the price of the item is higher or lower than average. If it's too high, it would be in the shopper's best interest to wait until the price drops down again. However, if the price is lower than usual, it'd behoove the shopper to strike while the iron is still hot.

As a cherry on top, the new Edge also offers Bing Rebates, which lets users earn cashback when they use Bing for their online shopping purchases. Microsoft says that shoppers can use Bing Rebates with more than 1,100 stores, including some of our favorite laptop brands: Dell and Lenovo. The former offers 1.5% cashback while the latter gives 2%.

Bing Rebates can help users save big on our best Dell and Lenovo laptops pages.

How to get the new Microsoft Edge (version 91)

If you want to enjoy the perks of the new Microsoft Edge, here's how you can update the browser. Head to the menu button next to your profile icon, click on Settings, select "About Microsoft Edge," and download the latest update.

Microsoft has been pulling out all the shots to compete with Google Chrome. This week, we reported that the Redmond-based tech giant added a new dictionary feature to the Edge Browser. It also got a new speed boost, reportedly making it faster than Chrome. 

Edge still has a long way to go in its efforts to catch up with Chrome; the Google browser is still the world's most popular internet crawler.

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