Meet the new Lenovo Legion Slim 7 — RTX 4070 paired with an AI superpower

Lenovo Legion Slim 7
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Alongside the new affordable LOQ gaming laptops and Legion Slim 5 2023 refresh, Lenovo is turbocharging the Legion Slim 7 and Slim 7i gaming laptops with the latest RTX 40 series GPUs, and a surprising new AI integration that promises optimal performance across all games.

Available starting in April for prices from $1,769, the eighth generation Slim 7s bring a long of new features to the table, including CPU upgrades up to the latest 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H for the 7i, and AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS for the 7, up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 GPU, 32GB of 5600Mhz DDR5 RAM (expandable up to 64GB), and a 1TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD.

A gaming laptop, but smarter

Lenovo Legion Slim 7

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But with all due respect to the specs, the big talking point is not necessarily the stuff you expect in a performance jump. It comes in the form of the Lenovo Artificial Intelligence (LA) chips that will debut in these machines. 

With physical chips in every machine powering the Lenovo AI Engine+, your laptop is able to intelligently and dynamically alter the wattage going to the CPU and GPU (with a maximum 140W TDP), while taking control of fan speeds too.

This all translates into optimized power being delivered for each application, and minimized fan noise so your experience isn't interrupted by a laptop sounding like it's about to take flight!

Premium — inside and out

Lenovo Legion Slim 7

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Design-wise, Lenovo's Legion Slim 7s continue the premium metallic construction trend from previous generations, and come in two color options, storm grey and misty grey. Under the lids are customizable full-sized Legion TrueStrike keyboards. Gamers can personalize their laptop's colors and look with Legion Spectrum 4-zone RGB lighting and replaceable WASD keycaps.

As for the attention to detail on the inside, Legion ColdFront 5.0 thermals optimize cooling and drastically reduce the chance of throttling. It employs larger hybrid copper heat pipes and fins, phase change thermal compound, increased air intakes and exhaust. Alongside a turbocharged 12V dual liquid polymer fan system, this cooling system ensures quiet gaming sessions. Gamers can expect optimized performance with minimal fan noise.


Combine all of this with gorgeous display options — starting with a 16-inch 2560 x 1600-pixel IPS panel with 240Hz variable refresh rate, and going up to a super crisp 3.2K 16:10 screen — you can see why we're a little excited about these properly portable beasts.

At just 0.78-inches thin, the Legion Slim 7 has always been a great option for those who want something for gaming on the go that is not going to take up their entire laptop bag.

But of course, we'll want to wait until we get some hands-on time with them before making a proper conclusion. Keep your eyes peeled on Laptop Mag for our review!

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