iPhone display roadmap shows the end of the road for Apple's notch and Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 Pro
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The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max finally brought an end to the iPhone notch, but in its place sprung forth the Dynamic Island, and while it's a more interesting design element, it's hardly ideal.

So when will our dream of a truly full-screen iPhone become a reality? A new roadmap from analyst Ross Young Display Supply Chain Consultants shows that the iPhone 19 Pro should be the magic release that finally eliminates any sign of the Face ID and selfie camera from the iPhone (via 9to5Mac).

What else does this iPhone display roadmap reveal?

I'm not a fan of the notch or Dynamic Island, so I'm thrilled to have a date to circle in my calendar for their demise, but it's a pretty long way off. In the meantime there are a variety of other changes coming to the standard and Pro iPhone displays over the next few years.

No 120Hz displays for the standard iPhone until when?

For the standard iPhone models the big landmarks are 2023, 2025, and 2027. This year Young believes the iPhone 15 will move to the same pill design as the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The next jump is in 2025 as the iPhone 17 will move to an LTPO panel, presumably marking the move to a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate. Finally, in 2017 the iPhone 19 will get an under-display Face ID camera with a single-hole for the selfie camera.

iPhone Pro has a long wait for its next display upgrade

On the Pro side there are no changes until the iPhone 17 Pro, when Young projects that it will move to an under-display Face ID camera with a single hole for the selfie camera. Then the iPhone 19 Pro makes the aforementioned move to a fully under-display Face ID and selfie camera.

Now even if we were getting projections about the iPhone 19 and 19 Pro from Tim Cook I would tell you to take them with a grain of salt as a lot can happen in 4 years. However, Young's projections carry some weight, both because he has proven fairly reliable and because they are based on display tech rather than leaks or pure rumors. 

Here's hoping he's wrong, I'd love to wave goodbye to Dynamic Island before 2027. For now, we've got our sights set on the iPhone 15 and at least standard iPhone buyers can look forward to a notch-free 2023.

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