iPhone 14 Pro leak reveals new display design — we had it all wrong

iPhone 14 Pro
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Since last fall, Apple leakers claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro models will sport a brand-spankin' new "pill-and-hole" design. Renders of the upper-tier iPhones show two separate cutouts: one is a small round circle and the other is shaped like a capsule.

However, according to a new MacRumors report, the iPhone 14 Pro's so-called "pill-and-hole design" may look more unified. When the iPhone 14 Pro is turned on, the cutouts will appear to have a continuous pill shape that Apple reportedly believes is "less distracting."

iPhone 14 Pro display cut outs reportedly look undivided

Apple was reportedly displeased with the "uneven aesthetic" of the pill-and-hole design, so it decided to kill the pixels in the space between the cut outs. As such, when the phone is turned on, the pill and hole should have a more unified appearance.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro (Image credit: Jon Prosser/FrontPageTech)

On top of that, according to MacRumors' anonymous source, Apple will extend the borders of the cutouts to make room for status indicators. For example, users may find icons or privacy indicators on the left and right sides of the cutouts. MacRumors' claims that it may even extend "downward into a large rounded square when delivering certain notifications."

The Apple-focused publication claims that the tipster's information aligns with leaks that reportedly stem from Foxconn employees who are involved with the iPhone 14's production. However, until the iPhone 14 event next week, we won't know for sure whether MacRumors' unnamed source is full of it or not.

As we near the Sept. 7 "Far Out" Apple livestream, don't forget to check out our iPhone 14 rumor hub for more details about the highly anticipated flagship release.

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