iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fixed with iOS 16.0.2 — here's how to download it now

iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fixed with iOS 16.0.2 — download now
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A serious iPhone 14 Pro camera issue is fixed in the latest iOS 16.0.2 update and you are going to want to download it now if you own an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max to ensure you don't damage your camera. 

Apple launched its iPhone 14 Pro lineup just last week, and immediately the Pro and Pro Max version encountered a serious camera shake issue while using third-party apps like Instagram and TikTok

Users reported that the 48 MP main camera was shaking, and there was a rattling or grinding noise that sounded the alarm. Luckily this morning, Apple released the iOS 16.02 update that fixes issues just in time for the selfie fest that is most weekends. 

A promise kept

Apple promised a rapid response and delivered with the iOS 16.0.2 update this morning that eliminates the shaking and grinding noise caused by the iPhone 14 Pro's main camera's sensor-shift stabilization functionality not working properly inside the aforementioned applications.

iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fixed with iOS 16.0.2 — download now

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Several videos were released proving the issue was a legit concern, with many, including myself,  speculating what the actual cause could be.

However, the team at Cupertino was on the case and helped iPhone 14 Pro users shake off the pesky problem. That noise we all heard this morning was the collective sigh of relief of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users learning that the fix had arrived and was easily downloaded. 

The update isn't limited to this fix, so while iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max owners should be running, not walking, to get this update done, anyone with an iPhone 8 or newer model should be downloading it. You can check for the update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Just tap on "Download and Install" and punch in your pin when prompted. It's a very small update, so it'll just take a couple of minutes to complete.

With the release of any new tech, bugs are expected, and yes, even Apple isn't immune to them. It is good to see the Church of Cook quickly address the problem and develop a fix. 

Via Android Authority

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