iPhone 13 could get upgrade for content creators — save more videos, photos before maxing out storage

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The iPhone 13 leaks are trickling in as the release of the next-gen flagship phone line nears, and there's one particular rumor that keeps popping up consistently. The iPhone 13, according to scuttlebutt, will feature a configuration that will pack 1TB of storage.

According to analyst firm Wedbush, there will be a 1TB storage tier for the iPhone 13. The firm made this claim in February, however, 9to5Mac knocked the wind out of Wedbush's sails when it pointed out that TrendForce refuted its report with the following quote: "TrendForce expects the new handsets’ memory capacities to remain the same as their iPhone 12 counterparts."

9to5Mac seems to have misinterpreted that quote to mean that the iPhone 13 will not have a 1TB option, but memory is different from storage. The iPhone 13 can still feature the same RAM as its predecessor but have different storage options. That being said, WedBush returned with another report to substantiate its February claims that the iPhone 13 will, indeed, feature a 1TB storage tier.

More leaks substantiate iPhone 13 1TB rumors 

The max storage you can get from an iPhone 12 is 512GB, but Wedbush is doubling down on its report that the next-generation iPhone will, for the first time, offer consumers more internal storage.

"We have increased confidence that iPhone 13 will have a 1 terabyte storage option, which is double from the highest Pro storage capacity today (512GB), and will also include a number of enhancements with LIDAR across all iPhone 13 models," Wedbush said.

Wedbush's report also aligns with a rumor from well-respected leaker Jon Prosser. In late January, Prosser spilled the beans about Apple's potential plans to add a 1TB option to the iPhone 13.

"We’re in early stages of iPhone 13 right now and we kind of just have prototypes to go off of which means that not much is actually final. But I will tell you that most of those prototypes, I’m being told, do feature a terabyte of storage," Prosser said.

Wedbush also echoes several reports that the iPhone 13 launch is slated for the third week of September.

As with all rumors, take Wedbush and Prosser's gossip with a grain of salt. We'll know for sure when Apple officially announces the iPhone 13 in the coming months.

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