iOS 17 Apple Wallet appears to have a new look — 3 new features in the app

iOS 17 Apple Wallet
(Image credit: Twitter/@analyst941)

We've already caught wind about some exciting rumored features headed to iOS 17, including major improvements to the Control Center, home screen widgets, the search functionality, and more. Save for a new order-tracking widget tied to Apple Wallet, we haven't heard any exciting rumors about the app — until now.

Apple leaker @analyst941 claims that they've got a mock-up of the Wallet app's new look in iOS 17. As a cherry on top, the Health app is getting a few cosmetic tweaks, too.

Apple Wallet rumored new design in iOS 17

Take this rumor with a grain of salt. Twitter user @analyst941 is relatively new in the Apple tipster world, but as 9to5Mac pointed out, they correctly leaked certain Dynamic Island features ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro's release.

The leaker claims that they caught a glimpse of iOS 17, including a redesigned Wallet app. The bean spiller noticed three new tweaks:

1. Users can now swipe down to access a search bar. In other words, on iOS 17, you should have the option to quickly find a specific card or pass.

2. New sorted tabs for better organization. A navigation bar features icons for Cards, Cash, IDs, Keys, and Orders.

3. Apple Cash and Savings have their own tab. Apple is digging its heels deeper into the fin-tech space (Find out how to set up an Apple Card Savings account here).

iOS 17 Apple Wallet app render

iOS 17 Apple Wallet app render (Image credit: @Analyst941)

The Twitter tipster also noticed a new "All transactions" button and a few more changes that they couldn't capture in the leaked render.

There are changes to the Health app, too

According to @analyst941, the Health app is getting some cosmetic changes, too. The "Favorites" section under the "Summary" tab will reveal visual data to users in a tile-style format. 

iOS 17 health app

iOS 17 Health app render (Image credit: @analyst941)

In these tiles, users will reportedly see tables, colored graphs, and other visual aids that depict their health and fitness-focused data.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, a more established Apple leaker, did previously mention that Apple planned on overhauling the Wallet app. Interestingly, on April 18, Gurman tweeted that he's skeptical about @analyst941's accuracy — and you should be, too.

We'll know soon enough whether @analyst941's leaks hold water; we expect the Cupertino-based tech giant to drop details about iOS 17 at WWDC 2023.

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