iOS 17: 3 game-changing security features coming to iPhone

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iOS 17 had its full unveiling just a few weeks ago at WWDC 2023, but Apple didn't go in-depth on the coming security features during the show. In fact, the company glossed over more than one shocking new iOS feature, which is understandable considering its limited to a tight two-hour window to talk about its various new products and operating system updates.

Security is certainly important, but some of these aren't as visually appealing or worthy of the limelight as customizable stickers and built-in profiles through NameDrop. But for those little things that could leave your heart a little more at ease while using your iPhone, here are the biggest three new security features coming to iOS 17.

1. Passcode Reset

Have you ever changed your iPhone passcode only to forget it shortly afterwards, thrusting you into a panicking spiral of racking your brain to recall how to get back into your precious device. That won't be an issue anymore with the launch of iOS 17, as Apple is offering a 72-hour grace period after modifying your device's password.

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Simply tap on Try Passcode Reset when you've failed to enter your password and it'll let you enter your previous password. It's a good idea to change your password back afterwards. You can also force your phone to expire your previous password before the 72-hour time limit if you're worried that the old one is compromised in some way.

2. Tracking protection

Safari's private tabs have always employed tracking countermeasures, preventing websites and corporations from placing trackers onto your browser and figuring out information about you. But iOS 17 is working to add this same function on standard browsing as well, turning it into an optional setting that any user can access.

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Go to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection and then select All Browsing. This will ensure that those same anti-tracking measures are being put to use on your normal, everyday browsing.

3. Shared Passwords

iOS 17 users can now share their passwords across other devices, even with those using iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma. It can be used for anything that is often saved within Apple's password fill-in system, so if you have a family that shares similar accounts for streaming services or utility bill systems, it will be available for each of them to use.

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All of these passcodes are accessible by the group, and any number of groups can be made (each individual person can look at, change and include additional ones). However, it's important to only add people to this group that you trust.

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