I tried Nvidia Broadcast to fake eye contact during video calls — here’s what happened

I tried Nvidia Broadcast to fake eye contact during video calls — here’s what happened
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At CES 2023, our team met with Nvidia, and among the many amazing new software and hardware demos they shared with us was Nvidia Broadcast. The latest update to the live streaming software suite has a variety of new features, but the one that really caught our eyes, so to speak, was Broadcast's ability to keep your eyes focused on the camera even if you're looking away to read notes, chat, or get distracted. 

Although still in beta testing, we can attest that the new feature works and will make it appear as if you're gazing into the camera even when your eyes shift elsewhere. You can try it out for yourself and even help with its development by sharing your experience with Nvidia. 

Sherri L. Smith, our fearless Editor in Chief, got a chance to go eyes-on with the demo and chuckled when she first noticed her eyes being snapped to attention on screen despite looking away from the webcam. The disconnect is slightly unnerving at first, but being able to look off-camera to check notes without it being noticeable is a gift. 

Wait there's more

Broadcast's 1.4 update also arrives with a new vignetting effect that darkens the outer edges of the frame. According to Nvidia, the existing blur, replacement, and removal of virtual background effects will also be more reliable and accurate thanks to temporal data, which helps the AI make better choices. Nvidia is also responding to user feedback by adding the ability to mirror the camera and take screenshots. 

You will need at least a GeForce RTX 2060 video card (or Quadro RTX 3000, Titan RTX or higher), 8GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i5-8600 or Ryzen 5 2600 or higher is recommended. 

Although the Eye Contact function may feel a bit odd at first, even professional presenters have a habit of looking away now and again. The feature will allow users to skim notes while appearing to remain focused on their audience, which improves the overall rapport. Also, if you're particularly camera shy, having this feature will allow you to look away without fear of appearing distracted or disinterested. 

Nvidia really blew us away this year at CES 2023 with this Broadcast update and its whole Omniverse presentation, the latter earned it best empowering tech in our best of CES 2023 awards. 

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