How to watch Ubisoft Forward Skull and Bones gameplay livestream

Skull and Bones Demonstration
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Ubisoft is hosting a Skull and Bones spotlight on July 7, which will finally re-reveal the game after a turbulent development history. Gameplay footage is confirmed to be the focus of the showcase, although we're not sure how long it'll go on for. It's also rumored that we'll receive a new release date at the end of this presentation slated for November 8.

Skull and Bones was revealed in 2017 and initially received a Q3/Q4 2018 release date. The game has been delayed a number of times, and five years later, we're hopefully going to see its final release date at this Ubisoft Forward Spotlight. Skull and Bones gameplay leaked back in April, showing off a six minute demonstration that seems like it could be what we see this Thursday. 

How to watch Skull and Bones gameplay livestream

The Skull and Bones Ubisoft Forward will go live on July 7 at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST on YouTube and Twitch. We're expecting the show to last anywhere between 5-10 minutes, considering Ubisoft's gameplay demos tend to go on for around that long. We don't know for sure, but the company's dedicated Mario + Rabbids gameplay demonstration was six minutes long. And going back so far as The Division 2, it had a gameplay presentation that lasted about eight minutes.

However, it's possible that Ubisoft will go the extra mile with Skull and Bones to convince gamers this title will be worth the delays. There's tons of doubt surrounding the game and its vision, and it will require a robust demonstration to prove that the wait resulted in it becoming a better game.

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