Halo Infinite: Twice as big and a brand new enemy

Halo Infinite
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“There won’t be a home unless we stop the Banished.”

Master Chief is back and doing what he does best - aerating alien bad guys. We find Chief ignoring the angry rants of the pilot who rescued him from floating in space in the initial trailer that launched back in 2019. After quieting the pilot with the resolute determination we’ve come to know and love from the legendary Spartan, Chief is off. The mission? Disable some rather large anti-aircraft guns.

At the start of the mission, we hear the familiar comical dialog of the grunts. After blasting a few of the familiar foes, Chief jumps in a Warthog, which looks to have some of the best vehicle controls to date. And while that was already a reason to get excited, we got a glimpse of the map and frankly it’s huge. Developer 343 Studios claims that Infinite takes place on an entirely new Halo ring and is twice as big as previous games in the series. 

And when Chief wasn’t gunning his way through enemies, I couldn’t help but gasp at the sheer beauty of the world. It was confirmed that Infinite will run in 4K at a smooth 60 frames per second. But, back to the guns. While we definitely saw some familiar blasters. There are several new guns that did devastating damage. But my favorite tool in Chief’s arsenal is the grappling gun that lets you reach previously inaccessible levels. However, it also lets you pull enemies towards you a la Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion. 

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At the end of the trailer, we got an up close and personal look at what looks to be at least one of the games big bads, if not the big bad. Leading a new race called the Banished, the leader gloats over his easy victory over the UNSC. And taunts Chief to come find him. In a close up that shows off a blood-red eye and a white, milky blind eye. He goads Chief to join him in a “true test of legends.” In the closing monologue, he encourages Chief to “bare your fangs, fight on, die well.”

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Oddly enough there was no sign of Cortana, but hopefully we’ll see a hint of her fate in the upcoming trailers alongside the promised multiplayer mode. Stay tuned for more coverage of Halo Infinite as we countdown the days to launch.

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