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Google Docs is finally making it easier to manage tables — here's how

Google Docs
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Google Docs offers one of the best user experiences in word processors right now, but it's not without its shortcomings. If creating and managing tables has been a sore point, Google's upcoming customization options are set to make it easier.

Set to arrive over the next couple of weeks, Google is bringing several customization features to make creating and working on tables a lot more accessible. This includes quickly being able to add and arrange columns and rows and a new table sidebar to manage table properties. 

In an announcement, Google states the update has already started to roll out for Rapid Release domains, while Scheduled Release domains will receive the update starting from December 22. Here's a better look at the changes coming: 

  • Pin a table header row to repeat on each page 
  • Designate that a row should not be split across pages 
  • Quickly add, and arrange columns and rows 
  • Sorting tables to better organize data. 
  • Use a new table sidebar to manage table properties 

One of the more favorable features is the ability to easily add and arrange columns and rows, which can simply be done by dragging and dropping them. Better yet, there's a quick add button that appears over boxes to insert rows and columns.

Users can also pin one or more rows in a table so they repeat on each page that the table appears on, and being able to sort rows by type of content is a welcome tool. Plus, the pinned table headers will remain at the top of your table.

With it being free to use, the improvements coming to Google Docs only make it the ideal word processor for students and professionals. Speaking of, if you're looking for a worthy device for work, check out the best college laptops and best business laptops on the market today.