Google and Motorola’s ‘X’ Phone May Feature Rear Touch Controls, Rumored For Summer Launch

Last week images and video of an unreleased Motorola smartphone appeared online, and now details on the device's features have begun to surface.  This “X” phone will reportedly come with touch controls on its backside and will be compatible with Google Glass.

The first units of Motorola’s “X” device could go on sale as early as this summer, an anonymous source within Motorola allegedly told Android and Me. The handset will reportedly come with a round Motorola logo on its rear that will serve as a touch-sensitive button enabling launch commands.

This is similar to Motorola’s Backflip handset from 2010, which came with a clamshell form factor and a trackpad behind its display. The new phone, however, could potentially be the first candy bar-style smartphone to come with touch controls on its backside. In Q3 2012, Google filed a patent for the same type of technology with diagrams showing how these rear controls would work.

The smartphone is said to launch at a starting price of $199, but none of this information has been confirmed by Google or Motorola. We’ll be looking out for more details at Google’s I/O conference this May. 

Lisa Eadicicco
LAPTOP Staff Writer
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