Godfall launch trailer showcases intense boss encounters and sibling rivalry

Godfall Launch Trailer Revealed
(Image credit: Gearbox)

Gearbox Publishing's next-gen looter slasher Godfall has received its launch trailer. Developed by Counterplay Games, this action role-playing title promises to deliver a unique high fantasy setting, intense boss battles and a plethora of gear for players to collect.

This launch trailer gives us a gist of the game's narrative, detailing a tumultuous story about two siblings and their struggle for power. It seems as if the protagonist of the story was betrayed by his brother, and now the player's goal is to once again reach him and attain vengeance.

The trailer gives us our most hectic look at the game yet, compiling dozens of clips of intense combat encounters atop one another. It's quite clear that a majority of the game will revolve around well-timed strikes and dodges, utilizing unique builds, and probing every corner of the world for the tiniest bit of loot.

We see the player throw their shield, do whirlwind strikes with giant hammers, swiftly dash around the field with their blades, toss a giant club, and pierce through enemies with a spear.

Godfall is also featuring a mechanic where defeating one of the game's Lieutenants allows the player to attain their power. This is shown in the launch trailer when the player sticks their hand into the chest of a boss they just defeated to consume their essence. 

As far as some of the environments we see in the trailer, the player visits a rocky desert, an expansive forest full of gorgeous auburn leaves, an alien world with exotic foliage and a futuristic kingdom swarming with dangerous foes.

Godfall launches on November 12 on PlayStation 5 and PC (through the Epic Games Store).

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