Fujifilm X Summit is May 31 — here's what we know

Fujifilm X Summit is coming May 31st-heres a what we know
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With the Fujifilm X Summit fast approaching, the rumor mill has churned the leaks into a full torrent of information. We are pretty sure that the Fujifilm X-H2S will be launched, along with the XF150-600mm F5.6-8 lens and possibly a few other surprises. Fujifilm X Summit will be Tuesday, May 31 at 9 AM Eastern Time (6 AM Pacific). 

There have been many rumors about whether Fujifilm would release both the X-H2 and X-H2S together, but word is now that only the H2S will be launched at this time. However, that could change, and we won't know for sure until this coming Tuesday as we return to our office exhausted from our Memorial day BBQs. We have heard that the H2S will come with a stacked 40MP APS-C sensor, while the H2 may pack a 26MP sensor. 

According to a recent leak, the expected price for the upcoming X-H2S is $2,499, which puts it right about what you would expect for a 40MP camera. 

Fujifilm, despite many predicting its imminent demise, keeps rolling with the punches and coming out with new cameras and lenses. I love an underdog, so seeing Fujifilm continue to dodge the sickle brings me joy; plus, they make damn good cameras. Fujifilm's fanbase has been multiplying in recent years as the company has brought forth several well-received cameras that have kept the company in the game. 

Fujifilm is also expected to announce release dates or launch dates for the XF18-120mm lens and the XF56MM f/1.2 lens. There could be more, but we want to share the items we have the most recent information about and those that seem most likely to be announced or launched on Tuesday. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the X series of cameras from Fujifilm, so we are expecting there may be a few surprises in honor of that. 

You can watch the FujiFilm X Summit live this upcoming Tuesday (May 31) on Youtube. 

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