Fresh Paint App Demo for Unannounced Windows Blue Leaks

We’ve been hearing rumors about Microsoft’s potential new OS, Windows Blue, for quite some time, but on Thursday a leaked video painted an image of what the cross-platform upgrade could bring. The video demoed a revamped app version of Fresh Paint. 

The video obtained by MSFTitchen shows Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer Eric Rudder demoing the app, which still looks like the Fresh Paint we’re used to with Windows 8 with additional features. For example, the video shows watercolors interacting with other forms of media such as oil or pencil, and the ability to port an image from anywhere on your computer. You can then transpose this image to a watercolor image that you can interact with.

More importantly, the allegedly leaked video essentially confirms that Blue is the codename for Microsoft’s next version of Windows. Windows Blue is rumored to cover all of Microsoft’s new platforms including Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8, although we have yet to hear official word from Microsoft that it's planning a new OS. Rudder also mentioned "extending touch in even more dramatic fashion," possibly hinting that more touch-centric apps could come with the update. 

via MSFTKitchen

Lisa Eadicicco
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