Firefox update stops Facebook from stalking you -- here's how

Firefox update stops Facebook from stalking you -- here's how
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Mozilla's latest Firefox update comes with a new privacy feature that will block sites like Facebook from tracking you as you cruise the internet. Mozilla's Firefox 102 strips specific criteria from URLs that can be used to follow you as you journey through your daily web browsing. 

Facebook is the most well-known culprit, but several other well-known internet stalkers like HubSpot, Marketo, and Olytics use custom-designed URL query criteria to track links you click on to keep an eye on your activities and interests. It's invasive, and most do not realize these URL queries are stalking them. I tend to always use a VPN from our list of best VPN services, but I am considering downloading Firefox to take advantage of this new privacy feature. 

Facebook will append a fbclid query parameter to outbound links to track what you're clicking on. So for example, if you clicked on a link to go to, Facebook ( and others) will add "/?fbclid=IwAR4HesRZLT-fxhhh3nZ7WKsOpaiFzsg4nH0K4WLRHw1h467GdRjaLilWbLs" to the backend of that URL and use that to follow you around. 

So what Mozilla has done in its latest update is add a Query Parameter Stripping feature that instantaneously strips those query parameters that are being used to stalk your browsing activities. 

If you currently use Firefox, all you have to do is go into settings, enable "strict" in the Privacy and Security settings to enable this feature. Now, if you tend to browse in Private Mode, you need to type "about:config" in the address bar, searching for strip, and setting the 'privacy.query_stripping.enabled.pbmode' option to true" which is based on the advice from our pals at Bleeping Computer

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