Facebook and Ray-Ban’s smart glasses revealed before launch

Ray-Ban Stories
(Image credit: Ray-Ban)

Ahead of the announcement today, Facebook and Ray-Ban’s smart glasses have leaked — revealing a slick-looking pair of sunglasses named Ray-Ban Stories.

The name and form factor, revealed by renowned leaker Evan “EVLeaks” Bass, suggests what these smart glasses are built to do. With cameras next to the hinges and a button along the right temple, Facebook appears to have taken design inspirations from the Snap Spectacles and partnered with Ray-Ban to make some stylish shades.

Ray-Ban Stories: what we know about Facebook and Ray-Ban’s smart glasses

As the leaks indicate, Ray-Ban Stories will be available in three shapes: classic Wayfarer, Round and Meteor. All of these are near-identical in visual style to classic Ray-Bans, with the key difference being the inclusion of two cameras next to the hinges on either side.

Currently, the second camera is the only upgrade we know of over Snap’s sunglasses. That, and the fact they look more subtle. Exhibit A: everyone said I looked like Dame Edna when I had my pair of Spectacles on. Ask your British mates what that means.

(Image credit: Jason England)

Facebook branding seems to be absent from the shades themselves, saved only for a logo on the box — in which you’ll find a case, charging cable and drawstring bag. 

Ray-Ban Stories

(Image credit: Ray-Ban)

As for technical capabilities, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously said they “let you do some pretty neat things” in an investor’s call, but also confirmed these will not feature screens for AR functionality. 

Zuckerberg said these are part of the company’s “journey towards full augmented reality glasses in the future,” so beyond taking photos and videos, we are just as much in the dark as you are about what extra features these bring to the table. Stay tuned for the announcement later today.

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