Elden Ring leak reveals tons of gameplay features

Elden Ring
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Fans have been pining for any scrap of Elden Ring news or rumors they can get their hands on, and now we have an apparent leak revealing Dark Souls-esque features and difficulty options.

It may be obvious, but take this "leak" with a ton of skepticism as it's coming from 4chan, which can harvest some shady claims. However, credible leaks and info dumps have come to light via 4chan before, so it's not entirely implausible.

Elden Ring leaked details

The leak comes from someone who claims to be on the team working on the Italian translation of Elden Ring.

Combing through this dump of short details, it states that Elden Ring will play similarly to Dark Souls 1 and 3 with an emphasis on a slower but more dynamic fighting style. Apparently, you can jump and air dodge. There are no starting classes, but you can join covenants to change your "mastery."

Other details include players having a ghost horse mount, an inventory management system similar to Demon's Souls, day/night cycles, checkpoints similar to bonfires, and no difficulty options whatsoever.

Additionally, there are five main bosses and 12 regular bosses. Bosses will have health bars similar to the Sekiro system and enemies are stronger at night but drop better loot.

One of the most annoying features, if true, is the return of an unseen aid system, which was in Sekiro. Instead of being able to retrieve your fallen goodies, your experience and money were reduced to half unless you rolled well enough on percentage die to get your stuff restored. This just adds an arbitrary difficulty that you have almost no control over, which isn't what these games should be about.

The leak also states that the first trailer will launch on July 21 at the Xbox Games event, but the event was recently revealed to be July 23. However, it wouldn't be a huge surprise if Xbox debuted Elden Ring, as they've marketed FromSoftware games before, such as Sekiro.

As I mentioned earlier, all of these details may very well be inaccurate, although some of them would be nice to see. That is, except unseen aid, which nobody should want.

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