Demon's Souls' locked door mystery has finally been solved

Demon's Souls mysterious door unlocked
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Bluepoint Games' remake of Demon's Souls included a mysterious locked door hidden behind an illusory wall, which was not at all present in the original game. The Demon's Souls community went through an arduous process and many sleepless nights to figure out that the mystery behind this secret door which involved Ceramic Coins tucked away in corners around the game's world. 

Distortion, a streamer who has gotten very little rest trying to unravel this mystery, has finally figured out how many are needed to unlock that door.

Spoiler Warning: Stop now if you want to figure out this mystery on your own. 

These coins are available in areas depending on the users World Tendency. If your World Tendency in an area is Pure White, a certain Ceramic Coin will spawn. However, that also means the Pure Black coin will be inaccessible unless you get your World Tendency to that state.  

After offering up 30 (you actually only need 26) coins to Sparkly the Crow, Distortion was rewarded with a Rusted Key. It was immediately obvious what this key was for, so the streamer ran over to the third portion of Boletarian Palace and opened the door.

Distortion entered this new area and found an item lying on a bench. After picking it up, it turned out to be the Penetrator's armor set, pieces of equipment that belongs the third boss of Boletarian Palace.

This is quite the unique reward, but whether or not it's worth the effort is definitely questionable. The amount of time needed for a player to get their hands on the Rusted Key is rather shocking.

The official Bluepoint Games Twitter expressed its gratitude for being able to provide such an experience to its players. Coupled with an image of a community member thanking everyone for partaking in the adventure, the company's tweet writes "this right here is why we make games. It's an honor to be part of creating these experiences."

If you're looking to try and get the Penetrator armor set, Distortion will be putting up a guide at some point in the future detailing the locations of every Ceramic Coin.

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