Dell will let iPhone users mirror apps, transfer photos

(Image credit: Dell)

Dell laptop owners who tote around iPhones are about to enjoy some added interactivity between their two favorite portable devices. Dell has announced it plans to beef up its Dell Mobile Connect integration between iPhones and its PCs, adding the ability to transfer photos and videos and mirror iOS apps on your laptop.

Dell Mobile Connect has already been around for a couple years, and iPhone owners can use it to receive phone calls, texts and notifications on their PCs. iPhone users can also access the contacts on their phone through their PC.

But that's short of what Android users can do with Dell Mobile Connect. They're able to wirelessly transfer files and mirror apps on their Dell PC, so Dell plans to extend that functionality to iOS devices as well. (File transfers between iOS and Dell machines will be limited to photos and videos, though.)

Dell plans to add the new capabilities to its Dell Mobile Connect app later this spring. The new features work with  XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware and G Series machines.

Dell's Mobile Connect announcement comes as the hardware maker is gearing up for the CES 2020 trade show next week. The company has already introduced a bezel-free version of the XPS 13 for 2020, with a 10th Gen Intel processor powering the machine. Dell also plans to show off its latest displays at CES 2020.