Dell Latitude 9510 is now the first laptop with T-Mobile 5G support

Dell Latitude 9510 review
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Dell is bringing T-Mobile 5G support to the Latitude 9510 business laptop. 

Up until now, the few 5G laptops we've tested used Verizon's 5G network and relied largely on short-range, high-speed mmWave. By using T-Mobile, the Latitude 9510 will benefit from wider-reaching 5G coverage, albeit the slower variant.

Dell Latitude 9510 is available starting at $2,119. T-Mobile 5G plans for this laptop start at $10/month. 

Dell Latitude 9510: First 5G laptop on T-Mobile

The goal for Dell is to provide 5G coverage on business notebooks not just in the office, but also at home, so users can get fast internet speeds while working remotely. 

Why use 5G instead of Wi-Fi? In some cases speed, in others, security. 5G enhances LTE security by using multiple authentication methods and better key management. For what it's worth, Dell says only 4% of the ITDM (Integrated Technology and Device Manufacturer) customers it surveyed said they wouldn't need 5G on their business laptops. 

According to Dell, 5G on T-Mobile leads to a 300% increase in data speeds over 4G. That's an impressive figure, but one you should take that with a grain of salt; various factors play a role in the speed and quality of your internet, including the distance you are from a tower, the path that network takes to reach your device, and the number of users clogging up the network.

We tested 5G on Verizon's network in various cities throughout the United States and found it wildly inconsistent. Our peak speeds were mind-boggling but so was variance in those speeds. 

The first 5G laptop on T-Mobile's network, the Latitude 9510 scored high marks in our review for its record-breaking battery life, sleek design, bright display and fast performance. Dell cleverly concealed the 5G antennas into the design of the laptop, strategically placing them around the speakers to highlight the Latitude 9510's impressive sonics. For those who like digging into specs, the Latitude 9510 uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon X55 5G modem chip. 

While rare today, laptops with support for the latest mobile standard — especially those targeted enterprise customers — will become more common over the next few years as 5G networks grow. We'll be right there when it happens to give you our best laptops recommendations and help decide if 5G-enabled notebooks are the right choice for you. 

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