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Clubhouse on Android is available to download right now — but it's still invite-only

(Image credit: Snappa)

Clubhouse has officially ended its iPhone exclusivity, as you can now download the audio-only chat app for Android over on the Google Play Store. Although, there are still a number of features that need to be added.

After rolling out the Android app beta test to a select few testers last week, the audio social network is now available for Android smartphone users to download; but currently only for those in the United States. 

In the announcement, Clubhouse stated the initial release of its Android app will be to collect feedback from the community, fix any issues that pop up and add features that are only on the iOS app.

However, for those outside the U.S., you can still find the Clubhouse app on the Google Play Store and pre-register to be notified when the app is available. According to the post, the Android version will roll out to other English-speaking countries and then the rest of the world gradually.

According to the release notes, the Android app is missing several features, including topic following, localization and in-app translations, Club creation or club management, Twitter account or Instagram account linking, Clubhouse payments, and more.

Along with this, Clubhouse will still be using its invite-only system, meaning all the Android users that do not have a Clubhouse account will still have to wait to be invited even be able to use it. For some, the waiting game continues.

Over the next few months, Clubhouse plans to expand its user base by welcoming millions of more iOS users on the waiting list this summer, expand language support, and add more accessibility features.

As previously reported, has recently seen a drop in downloads from 10 million as of February 2021 to 922,000 downloads around the world in April.

Once Clubhouse becomes officially available to all Android users (and ditches the invite system), the audio-network app could see a boom in popularity once more. Find out more about what Clubhouse is and how it is changing social platforms for the better.