Chromebooks will soon run Windows native apps

Dual boot option for Chromebooks in the works
Google Pixelbook Go (Image credit: Future)

Chromebook users will soon have the option to run Windows apps natively alongside ChromeOS. As Chrome Story reports, Google is reigniting the flames of Project Campfire, the tech giant’s former attempt to develop this feature. 

It’s been over a year since Google scrapped Project Campfire to focus on getting Linux on Chromebooks instead. This optional function aims to meet the demands of developers and budding coders looking for a secure sandbox to run scripts. This eliminates the need for developers to have two laptops--one for coding and one for everything else. 

Google’s recent partnership with Parallels will allow Windows to run alongside Chrome OS and Android apps on Chromebooks, the Verge explains. Windows support in ChromeOS will especially appeal to enterprises, schools and colleges switching from Windows to Chromebook machines. Thanks to the cost benefits and simplicity of rolling out Chromebooks, there’s been a ~155% year over year growth in commercial Chromebooks in Q1 2020.

“This should provide companies with the best of both worlds. It’s exactly what they’ve been wanting, a really easy to manage, secure endpoint,” group product manager for Chrome OS, Cyrus Mistry, told the Verge. “You want to be able to give your employees the most secure and easy to use thing that you can, but at the same time they need to be able to do everything,” Mistry said.

Although it’s unclear what Windows on Chromebook will look like, the feature is expected to launch later this year. Sign up here to be among the first to know about Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise.

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