Chrome could add a mysterious 'Read Later' feature to clean up your tabs

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It seems Google is working on a "Read Later" feature for Chrome, which would allow users to save tabs for future use. This should work similarly to the "Watch Later" option found on YouTube and is currently visible through the latest build of Chrome Canary (via Techdows)

However, the flag doesn't actually do anything yet and, as it was just implemented, is likely in very early stages of development.

This is a much-needed feature for those looking to increase productivity and possibly reduce the number of tabs they have open while browsing the web. Many Chrome users (including myself) find themselves with six windows open, each harboring dozens of tabs. 

Having the ability to quickly save a tab for later without bookmarking it could drastically reduce the number of tabs that plague the average Chrome user on a daily basis.

Chrome Canary Read Later

(Image credit: Google)

If you want to inspect the flag for yourself, go ahead and download Chrome Canary. When it's open, paste chrome://flags into the address bar and hit enter. Search for "Read Later" and you'll find the flag. However, as stated earlier, it doesn't actually do anything yet.

The "Read Later" feature doesn't have an official launch date as of yet, but it might release with Chrome 86 this fall.

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