ChatGPT will write emails for you based on Zoom calls — and 5 more surprising actions

Zoom IQ
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As we reported earlier this month, Microsoft is leveraging the power of Open AI's artificial intelligence (AI) tools, which drive the ultra-popular ChatGPT chatbot, to help you craft entire PowerPoint presentations without lifting a finger

In the same vein, Zoom is collaborating with Open AI to streamline workflows and strengthen collaboration on the videoconferencing platform. On Monday, Zoom announced that it is adding awesome upgrades to Zoom IQ, an AI-driven assistant that serves as a helpful companion for Zoom users.

What can Zoom IQ do now?

Before we dive into Zoom IQ's evolving capabilities, let's talk about what it already can do at this point in time. Currently, Zoom IQ records highlights and action items, and lets users quickly access meeting information via chapters. And last year, Zoom IQ for Sales was launched, allowing users to tap into Zoom IQ to get insightful metrics from Zoom meetings.

Zoom IQ for Sales

Zoom IQ for Sales can record each time a customer responds to a user’s question, helping salespeople tweak their questions and how they ask them.   (Image credit: Zoom)

Now that Zoom is collaborating with Open AI, the videoconferencing company will tap into the same language learning model (LLM) that drives ChatGPT. As such, Zoom IQ is set to be smarter and more useful in the near future.

5 things Zoom IQ will do for you, thanks to the power of AI

The upgrades to Zoom IQ include the following:

  • Email Compose - Zoom IQ analyzes conversations from prior Zoom meetings and calls to draft suggestions on your behalf. (You can always fix it up to your liking before sending it.)
  • Chat Compose. Based on the context of prior conversations, Zoom IQ helps you compose messages and gives you suggestions for responses.
  • Meeting Summary. Zoom IQ can generate "CliffNotes," if you will, of Zoom meetings so you won't miss a beat.

Check out the following use cases that showcase Zoom IQ's new capabilities:

1. If a team member joins a meeting late, you can ask Zoom IQ to summarize what they missed. In other words, you no longer have to stop the flow of the meeting to catch someone up to speed; Zoom IQ will do it for you.

2. Zoom IQ can create a whiteboard session for the meeting. With a simple text prompt, Zoom IQ can jot down notes on a whiteboard on team members' behalf.

Zoom IQ

Zoom IQ (Image credit: Zoom)

3. Zoom IQ can recommend what actions to take based on the meeting. After a session ends, Zoom IQ can post the recap to the Zoom Team Chat, and even make suggestions for what actions one should take moving forward.

4. Can't find the right words? Zoom IQ's got your back. Zoom IQ's Chat Compose can draft responses on your behalf. It can even rephrase your sentences to make them sound better, but of course, in the end, you can still tweak your replies to make them sound like you.

5. Zoom IQ can write emails for you. If you need to send a follow-up email to customers, for example, Zoom IQ can roll out content suggestions by analyzing meeting summaries and completed tasks. Again, you can always change the adjust the email's content to make it your own.

Zoom said that it plans to roll out these features to select customers on an invitation-only basis in April. However, the videoconferencing giant plans to roll out these perks more broadly in the future.

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