2020 Apple Magic Mouse could have this eye-catching feature

Apple Magic Mouse 2
(Image credit: Apple)

Move over Optimus Prime, there's a new transformer in town. Apple's secured a new patent that could upgrade the Magic Mouse into a shape-shifting peripheral, Patently reported.

Apple's Magic Mouse has had mixed reviews over the years with feedback leaning more toward the negative side. "I spent $70 on this magic mouse 2 and it absolutely sucks. How in the hell did this thing make it past User Acceptance Testing?" one Redditor wondered.

A common thread among disappointed Magic Mouse customers is that the device lacks a comfortable contour for one's palm. According to a new patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, Apple could rectify this issue by upgrading the Magic Mouse into an adaptable, shapeshifting peripheral that can conform to different palm sizes and use cases.

"The curvature may be changed to optimize the ergonomics of the mouse and/or deliver tactile feedback to users," the patent said.

The new technology equips the futuristic mouse with a shape-changing enclosure. Underneath its surface, the mouse could have articulating plates that are attached to an actuator. The actuator allows the user to shape shift the mouse into different forms to fulfill one's preferences.

This will be an eye-catching selling point for mouse users who desire different styles and sizes depending on what they're accomplishing. For some actions, a larger mouse may be the best fit for one's needs, but for other situations, a smaller mouse may be optimal. Instead of purchasing several mice to satisfy one's multifaceted tasks, this technology will transform the Magic Mouse into an adaptable, useful device.

While a shape-shifting mouse sounds pretty sweet, we're hoping Apple tackles a more pressing issue with their Magic Mouse: their awkwardly placed charging port.

A dazzling shape-shifting mouse won't wow potential consumers if they're still faced with an inconveniently positioned port that hinders users from charging and using the Magic Mouse simultaneously.

We're excited to find out how Apple will remedy this peripheral's pitfalls with its future iterations of the Magic Mouse.

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