These ChatGPT-powered Solos smart glasses just eliminated the language barrier at CES 2024

Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses
(Image credit: Solos)

Solos, the smart tech wearable brand behind the excellent AirGo3 smart glasses, have just given its ChatGPT-infused AI eyeglasses an incredible boost: universal translation via SolosTranslate powered by ChatGPT.

The AirGo3 smart glasses already feature access to ChatGPT's excellent generative AI services to wearers with a simple tap-and-talk functionality that has OpenAI's chatbot audibly respond with hands-free assistance, information, or advice.

However, at CES 2024, Solos are taking things a step further with an all-new feature designed to tear down the language barrier in all forms with its new live translation feature.

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SolosTranslate: So you don't have to

Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses

(Image credit: Solos)

Fully harnessing the integration of ChatGPT, the AirGo3 smart glasses will soon be able to offer wearers real-time translation across multiple languages in either audio or text forms. Better still, with the smart glasses' built-in speakers you'll be able to have your own words played back in another language to accommodate conversations in other languages.

The new features comes in four distinct modes, designed to accommodate various situations where the language barrier would previously have been an insurmountable hurdle.

  • Listen Mode uses the built-in microphones of the Solos AirGo3 to actively capture and translate speech from a single source (i.e. one-on-one conversations). SolosTranslate then captures this audio source and translates it into a preferred language which discretely plays to the wearer through the smart glasses' dual-direction Whisper Tech speakers.
  • Group Mode expands on Listen Mode by accommodating multi-person discussions across various languages. This mode allows the AirGo3's to act as a conversation 'hub' of sorts, with other participants able to join the actively translated discussion via QR code or web link on their own pair of AirGo3s or on their smartphone.  
  • Text Mode gives users a visual rundown of captured audio translated into their preferred language with an option to play the translated text aloud as audio. This is great for quickly showing others what you'd like to convey in a preferred language or sharing the translation from your AirGo3 smart glasses with others.
  • Present Mode is ideal for, as the name would imply, delivering presentations in your own language, to be translated in real-time to an audience in either text or audio format. More impressively, audiences can choose the language they'd prefer to receive your presentation in, allowing you to communicate across a number of languages in real-time without repetition.

Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses

(Image credit: Solos)

Outlook and availability

Solos AirGo3 smart glasses are already a charm. I've been wearing a pair myself for nearly a month now with a review well on its way. Its ChatGPT integration feels natural and intuitive and doesn't impede the more common smart glasses features such as hands-free digital assistant access, music playback, and wider app connectivity for notifications and reminders.

This new feature expands on the potential of Solos' smart glasses AI integration ten-fold, and makes them incredibly useful for business users and travelers alike who may find themselves in a place or position that requires more than a DuoLingo speed course or phrasebook to get past the language barrier.

Solos' AirGo3 smart glasses are currently available from the official Solos website in three styles: Argon starting at $249, Xeon starting at $199, and Helium staring at $199.

AI features like SolosChat and SolosTranslate are immediately available on these smart glasses alongside the Solos Fitness coach. However, for $9.99 per month you can subscribe to the Solos Premium service for enhanced text-to-speech from a more natural language AI and make use of the SolosChat as a standalone tool.

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